Custom Mood Lighting

16 million colours plus the full spectrum of white. From relaxing warm to concentration enhancing cool.

Control from your mobile

Use the Yeelight app to access features not found on traditional LED lights, plus control multiple lights at once.

Greener, cheaper & longer

Low cost LED lights, up to 88% energy saving compared to traditional bulbs, amazing 20 year+ lifespan.

For all the areas of your home – bayonet, screw bulbs or light strip LED lights

Yeelight Blue II Bulb

Yeelight Blue II Bulb

  • Fit it, power it, control it!
  • Bayonet or screw bulb fitting.
  • 16 Million colours plus white light.
  • Just 6w of energy used.
  • 20,000 hours expected life.
  • 500 lumens. Diffusion shade.

Yeelight Lightstrips

Yeelight Lightstrips

  • Stick it, plug it, control it!
  • 2m/6ft of strip LED lights.
  • 16 Million colours.
  • Just 14w of energy used.
  • 12,000 hours expected life.
  • 3M self-adhesive backing tape.

Whatever the light – simple to setup, easy to use & lots of features

Simple to setup

Simple to setup

No electricians required! Just fit like a normal light. Control in moments using your smart device with Bluetooth.

Bluetooth LED light

No Wi-Fi or hubs required

Using Bluetooth LE 4.0 technology, Yeelight is controlled directly from your smart device. No Wi-Fi setup issues.

LED light with timer

Flow, Disco Mode, Timer

Choose multi-colour lighting schemes that repeat on rotation, sync lights to the beat of your music or set a daily timer.

Add more lights when needed

Add more lights as needed

Mix screw, bayonet or strip lights, & control all from the app. Connect up to 10 lights per group with total flexibility.

What people say about Yeelight Smart Lighting

Fantastic remote controlled colourful light. I love it. Highly Recommended.


Amazon Reviewer

A relatively inexpensive and user-friendly way to get mood lighting.

Smart Company

Business Magazine

Makes customizing the colour of your room very easy and fun to do.


Amazon Reviewer

Who are Yeelight?

Founded in 2012, Yeelight was created to focus on home automation and bringing new experiences to everyday objects. A graduate of the HAXLR8R incubator, the premiere accelerator program for hardware startups,
Yeelight received a Series A investment in 2013 by Xiaomi, the largest mobile phone vendor in China (worth $46 billion). Yeelight products are now available in 20 countries around the world. Read more.